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Updated September 3rd, 2017

Is your carpet looking old, worn and matted down? How about your kitchen flooring? We here at Dover Floor Covering feature all of the newest styles in floor covering including new carpet, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, waterproof flooring, LVT and laminate flooring. Shop for flooring in the comfort of your own home! Dover Floor Covering's mobile showroom on wheels saves time, money and gas. From the comfort of your home you can browse through a myriad of flooring samples making it easy to match your decor in your home's natural lighting.

From soft carpet to new hardwood flooring, that offer beauty and durability, to laminate flooring, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring, Dover Floor Covering has you covered.

Jeff Dean Owner of Dover Floor CoveringNew soft carpet styles by Beaulieu of America and Mohawk are featured for your living room, dining room, bedrooms and hallways. We also carry Mohawk's newest carpet yarn style Triexta! (Smartstrand). Congoleum vinyl products are our preferred cushioned products for kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways. Mohawk ceramic tile is a beautiful addition to any master bath, kitchen, entry or mud room. Laminate floors can be installed or purchased separately for the do-it your selfer.

We Will Not be Undersold on New Carpet or Hardwood Flooring!

Because of our low overhead, we can meet or beat most every price on new flooring! We understand that in the current economy, lower flooring prices are more important than ever. But not only low prices but great value. We only use highly qualified flooring installation crews that are hand picked. You no longer have to "hope" you get a good installer from one of the big box stores. You can know that you will get our best flooring installation crew for your home improvement project. Call today for your in home consultation. 248-889-4253.

Carpet Installation

Dover Floor Covering provides some of the best styles, colors and prices on new carpet. With our low overhead, Dover Floor Covering is dedicated to passing along those savings to our customers! Our company vans are jam packed with enough new carpet samples to fill a small carpet store. We have a large selection of carpet styles that include designer multi-toned cut pile carpets, fashionable berbers, textured weaves, level looped carpet, patterned carpet and more! We also carry every different carpet yarn available. We have nylon carpets, solution dyed nylon carpets, polyester, Smartstrand, olefin and more.

We take great pride in our carpet installation services. Dover Floor Covering only uses high quality carpet installation crews. Our promise to you is to be on the job site on your scheduled installation day. We will be on time and will perform the carpet installation in a professional manner.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring will add beauty, performance and value to your home. Dover Floor Covering carries a variety of hardwood flooring including: engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring. Some of the hardwood species we carry are: oak hardwood flooring, maple, hickory, American cherry, ash, birch, walnut, Brazilian Cherry and lots more. The hand rubbed oil finished hardwood floors are a must see. 

Dover Floor Covering also provides high quality hardwood floor installation. We can install solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring or click together floating hardwood flooring. Nail down, staple down, glue down or click, hardwood floor installation is what we specialize in. Call today for an in home consultation.

Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile

Dover Floor Covering also carries sheet vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, LVT and most every type of flooring available for residential installation. We also carry the new waterproof flooring. This type of flooring is under the LVT banner and is great for wet areas in the home. Areas such as basements, laundry rooms, mud rooms, kitchens and any other room in the home where water may be an issue. Vinyl installation and tile floor installation can also be provided.

We Are a Locally Based Flooring Company!

We serve the fine communities of White Lake, Highland, Milford, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Clarkston, Northville, Commerce, Davisburg, Holly, Walled Lake, Wixom, Novi, West Bloomfield, Waterford, Hartland, South Lyon, Oakland County and many, many more.


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Updated September 3rd, 2017

Are Berbers Going Away?

There was a time when Berbers had a large market share in the carpet industry. Probably about 15 to 20 years ago (where does the time go?) lots of people were asking for Berber carpet. Why was this?

Well, for years consumers had been buying "trackless" carpet. This was a variation of the old plush carpets that you really don't see much anymore. Styles come and styles go and consumers were just tired of the same old thing. After all, how many different ways can you construct new carpet? Trackless carpet is called "textured" in the carpet industry. The old plushes that had a smooth, shiny finish that showed every foot print and vacuum mark were becoming passe and consumers were looking for new carpet that wouldn't show everything right after vacuuming.

Berber Carpet ImageSo the carpet mills started making textures (trackless). Friezes became popular. Friezes are textured carpets that are really really textured.

Some people likened them to spaghetti because a heavy frieze could look like spaghetti. They didn't show foot prints or vacuum marks. Consumers loved that.

About this time, the carpet mills started to really market the Berbers. They weren't cut pile like the plushes, twists and friezes. They were different. Berbers were made in a loop construction style. This was a very high wearing style indeed! Carpets that are made in the cut pile style will wear on the tips (where the cut pile is). Because the carpet yarn was cut, then the tips would wear and fray with normal wear and tear. Berbers, on the other hand, didn't have this weakness. The top of the carpet where people walked was now a loop and hence the wear was on a the sides of the yarn, not the tips. The side of carpet yarn is almost impossible to wear through with normal residential traffic. So Berbers were very high wearing.

Also, because of the loop construction, the Berber carpet would be very resilient.  As the loops were trod upon, the loop would press down and then bounce back up when walked off. So Berbers were high wearing and resilient. Both good traits.

Some cons to Berber carpets was the fact that carpet seams would show more than on a cut pile carpet and the loops could get caught, pull and run. So why are Berber carpets going the way of the dodo bird? Well, really, I don't know......

Where once I had probably 25% of my carpet samples in the Berber style, now I probably have 5%. People are just not asking for Berbers much these days. As Berber styles get discontinued by the mills, they don't replace them with new Berber styles. So as they get discontinued, my supply of Berber samples just keeps shrinking. Now I have very few and most of them are solid color Berbers. The flecked Berbers are almost gone.

So if you want a Berber carpet, you may want to get it soon as the Berber style is slowly going away.....of course, it'll come back around in 10 years with a slightly different slant. After all, who would have thought that the shag would ever come back, eh? LOL